Environmental protection

foto_odpow_srodowiskoWe are a company strongly connected with nature, therefore we perfectly understand the need for taking care of natural environment. We have a certificate confirming meeting the requirements of the Standard concerning Natural Environment Management ISO 14001: 2005.

In the area of the Production Plant in Elżbietów operates a modern sewage treatment plant. It is a mechanical-biological treatment plant, with additional sewage treatment on a gravel-plant filter operating in conditions similar to natural ones.

We have necessary permits for water intake, disposal of sewage, emission of pollution to the atmosphere and waste generation. Any waste is segregated and safely stored to prevent its penetration to the environment. Waste receipt is done by professional companies authorized to conduct this type of activities.  Within our Production Plant there are two renewable energy recovery systems. They are the so-called heat pumps, permitting use of renewable thermal energy accumulated in the natural environment. Energy recovery is very environmentally friendly because it limits consumption of non-renewable energy sources such as coal, furnace oil or natural gas.