Cooperation with social organizations

Bakoma, as a responsible and not indifferent company, supports valuable social initiatives and cooperates with such organizations as Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Caritas, Dajesz Pracę (Give a Job) Foundation and Food Banks.

Deal with Diabetes – campaign of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity


Diabetes it is one of the most onerous civilization diseases. In Poland, nearly 2 million people suffer from it. What helps many patients in everyday life is full information concerning food they consume.

We know that every person suffering from must know a number of exchanges to properly calculate insulin dose he or she takes at meal consumption. Healthy people do not have this problem, because their pancreases automatically excrete a respective quantity of insulin.

For this reason, we joined “Deal with Diabetes” project and we will systematically publish, on packages, information about the number of carbohydrate and protein-fatty exchanges included in our products.

The first product to participate in “Deal with Diabetes” program was our Kremowy (Creamy) Yoghurt. Information about the quantity of exchanges is placed on its package in a tiny box next to the Orchestra’s heart symbol. The information states the content of exchanges in 100 g of the product, e.g.:

Content of exchanges in 100 g: WW 1.2 WBT 1.4 Content of exchanges in a package: WW 2.5 WBT 2.8.


logo_caritasFor many years, we have been donating our products for the needs of Caritas – one of the major charity organizations operating in Poland and around the world. Caritas provides food, material and financial aid to the unemployed, the homeless, the sick, the elderly, children from poor families, as well as immigrants and refugees.

Food Banks

logo_bank_zywnosci We regularly deliver our products to Food Banks, whose aim is reduction in areas of malnutrition and counteracting food wasting. Banks take part in solving local social and economic problems. The Food Bank Federation associates 22 banks and provides systematic aid to approximately 2000 organizations and institutions, supporting thereby roughly 1.5 million people.

Dajesz Pracę PL Foundation

logo_fdpWe take part in the campaign “When you buy Polish products, you give a job”, organized by Dajesz Pracę PL Foundation because we are a Polish company. Dajesz Pracę Foundation organizes information campaigns which are to make consumers aware of the significance of their shopping behaviours and convince to the select Polish products. Product selection during daily shopping has a tremendous importance for economic development and the number of jobs available in Poland.